Thursday, 4 February 2016

Going Blonde(r)

Hey loves,
Warning - heavy post alert!

Today I thought I'd share my experience of getting my hair lightened, mainly because when I was searching for advice and information on it, it was so tricky to find, especially as my hair is super dark naturally. If you saw my hair history post then you will see just how dark my hair is, so as you can imagine, blonde isn't the easiest result to get. I'm not aiming for platinium blonde by any means, but I do want to be lighter than I currently am!

So, first things first, I want to point out that I do go to an actual hairdresser to get my hair done! Whilst I'm pretty adventurous with doing hair things myself, this is NOT something I wanted to do myself. Haha... I have a full head of highlights, which is done from a mixture of pure peroxide bleach and an ash toner colour over the top. I don't think I need the toner now, but it stops it from going brassy and keeps it looking slightly more natural!

Anyway, I first went in September, armed with pictures of what I wanted and I was told it would take several rounds to get anywhere near that, to save damaging my hair which was pretty ok with me and this was the result...

As you can see, the highlights are really subtle and very fine and my actual base colour is still very dark. This stage took about 2.5 hours to do, which is a long time really for such little change.

I only left it about 5 or 6 weeks before I went again, which isn't really recommended but I wanted it done before I was a bridesmaid at my friends wedding and my hair was in pretty good condition anyway so it was fine to do.

More highlights! So yeah, I had a few more highlights put through it to lighten up the base colour slightly. As you can see I still started off quite dark this time, but it ended up going lighter. I think that's partly due to the purple shampoo  I use, but I'm not 100% sure haha. The actual highlights themselves are getting lighter and take easier to the bleach and toner which obviously makes them lighter and less coppery.

After this session I then left it another 6 weeks before my next appointment and my roots were in definite need of a touch up which I had done just in time for my first Christmas party of the season!

Ok so ignore my stupid face in the first picture, but this was literally as soon as I got home after my appointment! It's very bright and in your face I know, but I was really happy with it. My whole head of hair is definitely lighter and the highlights look so good! I love the tone that it was at over new year (the last picture!) This time it took around 3 hours I think, but that did include a cut and blow dry as well... Ahhhh pamper!

Even though it's not quite as blonde as I'd like to end up, it is well on it's way and I would rather do it this way than just plonk a shit load of bleach on it in one go. At the moment it's still relatively healthy, although slightly drier on the ends than before  but nothing a bit of oil doesn't solve. I very  rarely use heat on it, which probably helps keep it's condition, and I have it cut every other time I go.

Anyway, I have another appointment booked for 6th Feb, so I'm hoping to go for a few more highlights, and focus some lighter blonde on the end so it's kind of a soft ombre/balyage effect.

What do you think?

Sophie x

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