Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Recap and April Goals

So last month I uploaded my March Goals and seeing as we've now hit the end of the month (WHAAAAAAAAAAT?) I thought I'd update you on how well (or not so well) I've done, and set my goals for April.


  1. Complete 4 modules of my diploma - I managed 3!
  2. Pass all 4 modules first time - I passed 2 first time and 1 second time
  3. Use more lipsticks  - I whacked out MAC lady danger for the first time in forever
  4. Read/finish a book - Literally didnt even pick one up
  5. Get through a whole dance performance mistake free FYI you can see the performance here. Whilst you're there, give our channel some love? Thanks ;)
  6. Upload a fashion related post - Epic fail
  7. Book a holiday - Again, epic fail
  8. Sort out my clothes - I had a major sort out at the beginning of the month. yay.
  9. Go running - Didn't even attempt this. I thought about it though, so it kinda counts, right?
Ok - so I'm sure you'll agree I did shit. Haha... That being said, setting goals that require concentration when you're in the middle of house renovations probably isn't the smartest move. Still, onwards and upwards eh!?

April Goals
  1. Start to get out of my overdraft - Seriously, does this need explaining!? Haha. 
  2. Sell some unwanted things - I have a mountain of stuff that needs to be sold and to be honest, I just can't be bothered some times! 
  3. Complete and pass three modules of my diploma - I tried 4 last month and I just about managed 3 so I'm gonna lower the stakes this time round!
  4. Try to worry less - Ok, so this is a broad one, but I need to stop worrying about things I can't change.
  5. Upload new blog content twice a week - I've really slacked with this blog over the last month! I've had no motivation or spare time this week but I've missed it, so I'm back!
  6. Do a fashion related post - I know I posted this last time, but I'm gonna do one this month... It's my mission! 
  7. Visit somewhere new - I love exploring and going to new places, whether it be just down the road or a bit further afield and hopefully now the weather should improve, I should be able to visit more places :) 
  8. Regrow my nails - Since I've been doing a lot of decorating and renovations my nails have been so weak and brittle and they've all broken. Sad times.
So there we have it. Lets see what happens at the end of April, huh!? 
What are your goals for April?

Sophie x 

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