Tuesday, 17 May 2016

7 things I miss about secondary school

Today I thought I'd do a little fun post, as it's coming up to the end of the School year and I KNOW people are going to be excited that they get to leave School forever! I was like that, but 9 years on I really bloody miss it. So, here's a few things I miss about my time at school. But first I'm going to put up some super cringey photos of 14/15 year old Sophie! #awkward
Wow - A super blurry photo. Soz. PS I thought that coat was the bomb!! 

See point 6 below! HA. Total cringe.
  1. The social life - Seriously, I was at a sleepover with my friends almost every weekend. We'd watch movies, hang out at the shops and tell our parents we were places that we weren't ;) even if we weren't allowed to sleep over, we'd still spend the whole day with friends. Also ALL THE PARTIES! The organised discos or the unauthorized house parties were pretty frequent, but I don't do this now... I'm hardly friends with anyone that I went to School with, but even my good friends that I have now, I don't spend half as much time with them as I should. Life is just too hectic y'know!?
  2. School Uniform - Bear with me on this... At 25, and working full time I really bloody miss knowing what I'm going to wear every day. At School I had no choice but to put on my uniform but now I can choose what to wear to work, I hate it. That being said, I've actually given myself a 'work uniform' because it annoyed me that much.
  3. The holidays - Oh my gosh do I miss the holidays!!! Who doesn't love 6 weeks off in the summer?! I so wish I worked term time only just so I can have this perk back in my life... When I was at School I used to find them a bit boring but seriously, give them back to me now!
  4. No Social Media - I'm old... Facebook/Twitter/Instagram didn't exist when I was at School. We had Bebo (anyone remember that) and Myspace but that's it and you could hardly do anything on them. We didn't have social media to compare ourselves to others, if people had anything to say about you, they'd bitch behind your back or to your face and that was that, they couldn't get others to join in online or make group chats about how ugly you are. We didn't have any of this online hate and bullying because it didn't exist! There was no quest to have the 'pinterest perfect' bedroom or having to take the perfect selfie. It was easier 10 years ago that's for sure! In fact, the last photo above is the first ever selfie I uploaded to Facebook in 2007 just as I was leaving school. Hardly anyone had camera phones, let alone a phone with a selfie camera ;) so this was taken on a crappy old Kodak!
  5. Party Dances - My friends and I knew every single party dance going, and when you're 11 it's acceptable to whack them out at a party or at a Haven campsite,seriously my friend Rachel and I LOVED it. When you're 25 though, it's not so acceptable and normal! HA. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for them, and I can't wait to join in the 'parent dances' on our annual camping holidays ;)
  6. Breaktimes - Going to school knowing you're gonna get a mid morning break and then almost an hour for lunch is something that you really take for granted when you're 15... Fast forward 10 years and sometimes it's just too busy to even take a lunch break!
  7. School Canteen Brownies - Seriously, my school had the best chocolate brownies EVER and I haven't ever found any as nice. I miss them... 
So there you go - Just a little bit of fun! ;) 

What do you miss about School?
Sophie x 


  1. I'm still in school and couldn't imagine to ever miss it, can't wait for summer break! However, this post gave me a new perspective, so I'll enjoy school while it lasts ;)

    1. Definitely enjoy it while you can! ;) x

    2. Definitely enjoy it while you can! ;) x

    3. Definitely enjoy it while you can! ;) x