Monday, 25 January 2016

Best of Netflix

I'm pretty sure half of the population literally watch Netflix every day? I know I certainly do, and I thought I'd take this time to talk about everything that I've been loving recently. I am SO FAR BEHIND the times on all of these, but I love them none the less :)

Lie to Me: This was the first series on Netflix that Martin and I watched and I had never heard of it before then. Let me tell you now, it is amazing and quite possibly one of my favourite TV shows I've ever seen. It literally left me hanging from start to finish. If you don't know what it's about, it's basically about a man called Cal, who is an expert on body language and deception and in each episode he has a different case to solve using his deception techniques! There are story lines, and character build ups in each episode and the chemistry between the two main characters is amazing. I literally cried when the final episode finished and I genuinely want more series now, please. So yeah, if you haven't watched this yet go watch!

Pretty Little Liars: Obviously this one needs no explanation cos I'm pretty sure this is the most popular series on Netflix ever! I only started watching this in August and I am now all caught up. Haha... It had never really appealed to me before, but after all the hype of everyone finding out who A was, I read up on it (found out about A) and then decided to watch it from beginning to end. It gave me nightmares in certain episodes, not even kidding, and I would go to bed playing episodes over in my head. I'm glad I started watching it though, cos it's really amazing! Spencer is my fave! Who's yours?

24: Ahhhhh Jack Bauer! Again, this is another one that I'm seriously late on, like seriously seriously... I think the first episode aired in 2001 and I remember people at school raving about it, and I just wasn't interested at all. I thought it would be really boring and really confusing, but OMG I was so wrong! Kiefer Sutherland is such an amazing actor (and a bit of a hottie!) and he plays a federal agent for the Counter Terroism Unit and he has 24 hours to solve each crime... It's set in real time so every hour is an episode if that makes sense? It's another of those programs that gets you hooked from start to finish! The characters change quite a bit, which is the only downside cos as soon as you click to one character, they may just disappear! There is a lot of shooting, terrorism and hideous violence but it really is a fantastic show! Not to mention they filmed some of the final episode in Southampton, just down the road from me! Yay.

What do you guys like to watch on Netflix? I need more recommendations!

Sophie x

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