Friday, 29 January 2016

My Mac lipstick collection

I'm pretty sure that Mac lipsticks are the holy grail of lipstick. They have almost every colour you can think of, every finish that you could want and their sleek black packaging just makes me all heart eyed emoji.

Today I thought I'd share my collection with you because I love looking at other peoples and I ALWAYS google swatches before I buy a new one. Just a little disclaimer though - yes, I know that all these shades don't suit me but I did buy most of these when I was working as a freelance make up artist so I wanted needed a variety of shades for all skin tones. Also, my collection may seem excessive for some, and little to others but I like it. A lot.

I have 15 lipsticks and as you can see, some of them are verrrry well loved! I've done lip swatches to hopefully give you a good idea of what they're like, but I did have extremely dry lips for most of them so bear that in mind. I'm also going to give a quick description, my quick thoughts and a rating out of 10!

This post  gives a low down on all the different finishes, so have a look there if you don't know what each finish is like. FYI - Satin is my fave.

Shy Girl - Cremesheen finish. Creamy muted coral beige. This shade does not suit me in the slightest and I never wear it! I think I only bought this cos 'back in the day' every blogger and their dog was going on about it. 2/10

Patisserie - Lustre finish.Sheer creamy neutral pink. This is my go to shade if I want something easy to throw on that just looks a bit more polished, y'know? 7/10

Hue - Glaze finish. Soft pale pink. This is a weird one for me... I've not worn it much because I feel like it doesn't suit me, but this picture makes it look quite nice. Maybe I should get it out more?! 3/10

Pure Zen - Cremesheen finish. Frosted warm nude. Ok, so this was totally a Hannah Maggs inspired purchase. It looked so lovely on her, but on me, not so much! It's a shame cos I really do love it. For some reason it just makes me skin look greasy. Does that make sense? 5/10

Giddy - Lustre Finish. Warm pink with glitter. Ok so this shade doesn't appear to exist any more, but I quite like it. It's not too dissimilar to my natural lip shade and I like to wear this if I want something a bit more than the likes of patisserie. 4/10

Creme Cup - Cremesheen finish. Light blue pink. This was the first Mac lipstick I ever bought and I'm not really sure why... It doesn't suit me at all, but it does make my teeth look whiter. I do still wear this sometimes, but I just blend it in a little to make it look less harsh. 3/10

Faux - Satin finish. Muted mauve pink. I absolutely love this shade! I think it flatters my complexion really well and if I want a shade that looks 'grown up' and pretty then I always reach for this. I think this is my 'go to' shade, more so than Patisserie if I'm honest. 8/10

Girl About Town - Amplified Creme finish. Bright blue fuschia pink. This is very blue based so makes your teeth look super white, and it's one that I always use in the summer. It's a real statement colour and at first I was too scared to wear it during the day, but now I don't care! haha. 7/10

Rebel - Satin finish. Midtoned cream plum. Oh my goddddd this is my all time favourite lipstick!! I literally whack this out at any given opportunity. It's a purple based pink and it goes so well with most make up looks. I wear this mostly in the winter, and in the summer I tend to save this for nights out. 9.5/10

Diva - Matte finish. Intense reddish burgundy. This is such a gorgeous winter shade and I love it, but I just don't use it that much as I find it very difficult to wear. It fades really uneven on me which is why I don't really use it cos I cba to constantly touch it up. 5/10

Lol - I should've swapped plumful for diva in the collages!
Plumful - Lustre finish. Blossoming rose plum. I got this for my birthday after reading/seeing such rave reviews, but I'm a bit disappointed if I'm honest. I find it doesn't really suit my skin tone and the wear time on it is pants! 3/10

Neon Orange - Amplified finish. Bright clean orange. I haven't really worn this lipstick much, but it seems like a really good bright summer lipstick and probably one which looks great with a tan. I'm not sure it suits me, but we shall see! 3.5/10

Lady Danger - Matte finish. Vivid bright coral red. This is another one that most bloggers rave about, but I'm not yet convinced on it. I think I need to wear it more but it just seems a bit too orange for a red, if that makes sense?? 4/10

Russian Red - Matte finish. Intense bluish red. What a beautiful lipstick! I have literally worn this to death and it is my go to red shade without a doubt! It was the first red I bought from Mac and I always recommend this to other people. It lasts well and isn't overly drying on the lips! It is such a classic shade as well which is perfect. 9/10

Riri Woo - Retro matte finish. Matte cool red. The lipstick shade is absolutely stunning, and I love the look of the formula BUT the lasting power on the lips is shockingly awful and it actually hurts to put this on because it drags across my lips so much... I'm going to try it over the top of russian red or lady danger to get more wear out of it, but I really wish I loved it how it is! :( 3/10

Ok, so that's my Mac lipstick collection and if you made it to the end of this post then you deserve a medal, haha.

What are your favourite Mac lipsticks? Think I might add velvet teddy and mehr next, but I'm not sure yet! watch this space...

Sophie x


  1. All those lipsticks look beautiful! That top row of shades is on point!

    1. I'm pretty sure they're all too similar! ;) haha xx