Sunday, 28 February 2016

My Skincare Routine

My skincare routine is something that I have nailed over the past few years. In fact, most of what I use now doesn't change because it works really well for me. I never really saw the point in a skincare routine when I was a bit younger, because y'know, effort, but now I think it is even more important than make up! It's not particularly expensive, or fancy, but it works for me. FYI my skin is combinaion/oily/dehydrated so it's a bit of a mixture to contend with...


I'm not gonna lie, my morning skincare routine is beyond basic - in fact, I wouldn't even call it 'skincare routine' cos I would rather have the extra time in bed. Haha. I use the Garnier Micellar Water  on a cotton pad to remove any crap that might have got on my face over night. Normally I use the one with the pink lid which is just the reguar one, but at the moment I'm using the green one which is for sensitive skin. They're pretty much both the same though tbf.  Next I use the Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 moisturiser which I've repurchased around 3 times now and I really like it (obvs!) It's really moisturising yet still sits well underneath make up. I can't say I've noticed any anti ageing effects as I am only 25... Prevention is better than cure and all that!


If I'm wearing make up then I will use the Micellar Water to remove most of it off my face, followed by the Nivea Double Effects Remover which is an oil based remover to remove heavy eye make up. After that I use the Boots Botanics cleansing balm (which I've spoken about in this post) to remove the rest of my make up and give my face a deeper clean and then remove it with a warm flannel/muslin cloth. Three times a week or so I use the Boots Botanics radiance face scrub (not pictured cos I left it in the shower). It's quite gentle and it's really good at making the skin feel smooth but it's still a bit too harsh to use daily.

The next step is toner which is something that until about 3 years ago I thought was just an unimportant step, but since discovering the Ren Clarifying Toner I literally use it every day! I'm not really sure what it does, but I know it does something because if I stop using it, then my skin just feels gross and dull. For evening moisturiser I use the Nivea Night Cream as it's slightly heavier so I feel adds more moisture over night. I was using the Olay one at night as well, but I found I was waking up with dry skin.

Right before I go to bed I use the Nuxe Reve De Miel lipbalm. I have it on my bedside table so that I don't forget. It's thick and sinks in nicely so in the morning my lips are super soft. I'll occasionally use a disposable spoolie to buff off any dry skin as well. Yum.


On a Sunday (usually) after cleansing, and before toner I like to use a face mask. At the moment I'm using the Good Things Radiance clay mask but I tend to switch it up depending on what my skin needs at the time. I follow this up with the Origins Drink up Intensive Mask, and although it's a mask I use it as a very hydrating moisturiser as the masks tend to make my skin feel quite tight and dry. If I have a spot which is sore, or massive then the Origins super spot remover gets rid of it pretty instantly. Yay.

So there we have it... It's nothing groundbreaking, quite simple in fact but like I said, it works for me! The only thing missing really is an eye cream. I've tried several in the past but none of them really do it for me. Any suggestions?

Sophie x

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