Monday, 14 March 2016

Best of Netflix - 2

Hey loves
I thought I'd do a little update of things that I'm loving on Netflix at the mo! Round two if you will...

Benidorm - I actually watched seasons 7 and 8 when they were on TV last year and this year, but I'd never seen the earlier ones, so we found it on Netflix and have been hooked! Both Martin and I will be watching it, and literally lol-ing. Basically, if you've not seen it, it's based around typical Brits abroad, in a hotel called the Solana in Benidorm. Yes, its very stereotypical and a bit of a piss take, but I love it.
I think we're going to book a few days away to the actual hotel just for the lols...

Deadly Women -  This is a new discovery for us, like literally we watched half the season over this weekend! Haha. It's a documentary about different female murderers (mostly in America!) and just explains how and why they killed the people that they did. It's very gruesome but really interesting. I guess it's a bit like Countdown to Murder or Born to Kill if any of you watch those?

Gossip Girl - Do I even need to explain this?! I am so late to the bandwagon with this (seriously, story of my life) I didn't really think I would like this, and I don't know why! I guess it just didn't appeal to me, but I seriously love it. It's really escapism and you really get drawn in to the characters and their stories. It's based in Manhattan and follows the lives of the ridiculously rich teenagers. :)

What are you loving? Any recommendations?

Sophie x

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