Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Review: Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation - AKA My HG Foundation

I'm here with a review for you today. If you read this post then you'll know that I mentioned the Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation, and that I said it was pretty much my holy grail foundation.

First off, it's suitable for normal, combination or oily skin which covers an amazing amount of skin types, something that I feel very few other brands do, and there are about 30 different shades/tones so I literally think anyone could find this to match them. When I first bought this, my skin was ridiculously oily and no foundation would stay on for very long, this included! However, as I've gotten older my skin has become more combination instead of oily and this foundation is just amazing for that.

One thing I really love about this product, is the packaging. Now, I know that it's not the most glamorous packaging, but it's practical. No one likes carrying around a glass bottle that you have to pour out on the back of your hand do they? This is in a practical tube that is easily squeezed. It's small and compact so perfect for travelling as well. Bonus.

The formula and coverage of this foundation is also second to none! It's quite a thick foundation when you blob it on your face, but it's a medium coverage, definitely buildable and it is super easy to blend. I find the best way to apply it is with a dense buffing brush, as that really works it in.

The lasting power of this foundation is amazing! It's the one I reach for if I know I've got a long day ahead of me as it looks natural, not too cakey and I know I can rely on it to stay relatively shine free for the majority of the day. It's also the foundation I reach for if I need lasting power on a night out when photos are going to be taken as it looks gorgeous in photos. I'm not sure what SPF it has, but there is certainly no ghost face going on with this!

Anyway, the picture below is when I had just applied my make up at about 10am last Saturday...

I spent the whole day outside in the forest, probably walked in total for around 4 hours, drank copious amounts of tea and did some clearing of the garage. Basically when this foundation was pictured, I gave it a bloody good testing of it's longevity... Haha!

The next picture is taken at around 8.30pm the same night...

Yes, I know I look pretty poopy, but this is about 10.5 hours after I first applied it, without any powdering at all. You can see there is a lot more shine than at 10am but even that shine isn't totally gross... There is some shine across my forehead, a little bit on my cheeks and on my nose but for the amount of time I had it on, it's really impressive! Ok, so I know it's not perfect, but what foundation looks the same at the end of the day anyway?!

This foundation costs around £29 and I would honestly tell anyone that has problems with the longevity of their foundation to try this. If I ever do prom or wedding make up, I always get the client to pick up a sample of this and I'll use that because I know it's just totally reliable.

Have you used this foundation? What foundation do you rely on to last all day?

Sophie x


  1. Your skin looks amazing! I really struggle with keeping shine at bay so I may have to give this a go, it looks like it lasted really well for you :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. :O :O thank you lovely! My skin isnt awful, but it certainly isnt clear! This foundation is amazing! I would highly recommend it xx