Monday, 18 April 2016

Spring Nail Polish Picks

Hi loves! 
Spring is here... (well, it's grey and cold, but ya know, it's April!) which means it's time to bring out the brighter nail polishes instead of the neutral and dark shades. Don't get me wrong, I do love a berry shade, but my favourite thing about spring and summer (apart from the sun) is the bright, happy colours I can paint my nails. 

I have recently bought a nice pinky coral shade, but as I've not worn it yet it hasn't made it into this post. That being said, here are my favourites from last summer and the ones I've been wearing lately.
Maybelline 7 Days - Nude Rose, Maybelline Gel Colour - Hot Salsa, George at Asda, Rimmel Rita Ora - Bestival Blue

Nude Rose is a gorgeous dusky pink colour and is one of those shades which you can wear throughout the whole year. It's classy, understated and just makes your hands look polished. This is my second tube (?!) of this one because I love it that much.

Hot Salsa is a vibrant coral/red and looks AMAZING with a tan. I'm going on holiday at the end of this week and I know that this will be the one I paint my nails with as soon as I get home. It's such a fun colour.

Bestival Blue is the only blue I have in my collection. I find blue polishes really hard to wear some times. I tried to channel my inner Aria with a bright cobalt blue stage last year but it really didn't work for me! Haha. This, however is such a gorgeous colour. It's the perfect creamy periwinkle blue shade and I always get complimented on it whenever I wear it. 

The one from George at Asda is the nail polish with no name. It's a true creamy coral and it's the one I gravitate towards as soon as the sun comes out cos it's not too in your face! 

Most of my collection consist of either the Maybelline 7 days range, or the Rimmel ones as I find they last best on my nails, the formula is amazing and they literally have every colour you can think of!  The Maybelline ones are around £4.99 and I think the Rimmel ones are about £2.99 so neither of them break the bank for the quality that they are. 

The one from George at Asda isnt great application wise, and it chips really easily but I love the colour, so I use it anyway when I know I haven't got a lot of typing to do! :) It was only about £1 so I can't complain really.

What are your spring polish picks?

Sophie x 


  1. These colours are stunning!
    Jabeen x

    1. They really are amazing spring colours x